Q: Why should I do business with Customase.com? 
A: Honesty, Transparency, and YOU CAN ADD MULTIPLE IMAGES AND TEXT ON THE SAME SIDE of any product and YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED EXTRA! The only time there is additional charge is if you add to another side of the product. After you add text or image to the other side you can do the same as the previous side, add as many images or text as you like without being charged extra because there is only one flat fee per side.

Q: Why was customase.com created? 
A: It was created with creative people in mind. People who has a creative mind and wants to have fun while creating their own customized product(s). It gives them the flexibility to write and edit text (manipulate fonts styles and sizes), upload  images of any artworks, photos, logos, drawings. 

Q: Can I order bulk products with custom text and image from customase.com? 
A: Yes you can order bulk after you’re done designing your products. You will be able to add number of items right before you add to cart. 

Q: Can I purchase a product with no image or text? 
A: Yes

Q: If I don’t have cash upfront can I pay in installments?
A: Yes you will see this option at checkout. 

Q: Do you take cryptocurrency as payment? 
A: No not currently but in the future customase.com may examine the option. 

Q: On a scale of 1- 5 how would you rate your products? 
A: Based on customers feedback 5.

Q: Have you every had any customer complaints if yes can you explain? 
A: No

Q: Was there ever an issue with a customer’s order if yes can you explain? 
A: Yes, so far only 2 issues with two customer orders.  Customer #1 selected 2 bright colors, text and product, which came out looking very dull. After contacting customase.com the issue was resolved she received a full refund. Customer #2 purchased a product over the Christmas season of 2021. Even though her package was sent out she did not receive her package. This was around the same time when there was a huge package stealing scheme going on. She too received her full refund. 

Q: Are you transparent with your customers? 
A: Yes customase.com is very transparent with customers. It is important to put your feet in the customer’s shoes. As a business you like honesty and so does your customers. 

Q: How is pricing?
A: The product prices are beyond competitive! I mean customase.com was created with you in mind and decided not to do any crazy high markups! 

Q: Who owns Customase.com?
A: Adrian Edwards

Q: Why is it called Customase.com?
A: Custom represents custom designs, ASE the owner’s first, middle and last initials. 

Q: Do I get free shipping? 
A: Any purchase over $50.

Q: Do you do returns?  
A: Yes, please see return policy for future details. 

Q: What if I’m not satisfied with my order(s)?  
A: Customase.com goal is to make sure the customers are satisfied and happy. We will work with you to ensure your satisfaction. 

Q: What if there is a manufacturing error or mistake on my print? 
A: If there is an obvious manufacturing error or mistake on your print, and all return policy guidelines are followed correctly, customase.com will make accommodations to provide your refund in full. 

Q: Can I use bright color text with bright color products? 
A: It is better to use a dark color text with bright color product or a bright color text with dark color products to get the best color contrast and optimal results.

Q: How do I contact you? 
A: Info@customase.com or use the instant message pop up on the website’s page. 

Q: Why no phone number? 
A: It’s better to keep track of communication between customers with emails and direct instant messaging. If necessary and demands increase phone contact number option will be reviewed.